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Victoria Heath - The meadow of life
Victoria Heath - The magic circle
High Flyer by Victoria Heath

Tuition and Training in all things Arty!


The below are offered as 1-2-1 sessions, full time courses, and weekends, but can also be tailored to accommodate small groups. 

Prices vary according to specific requirements - all refreshments and materials are supplied unless otherwise stated during booking. 

Victoria is also available for demonstrations.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint?

Victoria provides tuition in all aspects of painting for beginners. 

Short and long term courses enable each student to embrace either oils or water colours, becoming confident in techniques of fluid self-expression.

Painting the Landscape

Designed for those with a little more experience at the pallet, Victoria pushes students to embrace the delicate and dynamic skills needed to paint outdoors in the elements. Tackling the changing climate as it unfolds before you, this course pushes the boundaries and constraints that we find within the studio environment.

The anatomy of the Horse

As a well collected Equine Artist, Victoria offers her expertise in studying one of the most noble and complex animal anatomies, that of the Horse. 

During this course you will learn the basics of movement, structure and light, working from life and recorded image to produce both sketches and finished paintings in oil. 

Reach for the Sky!

Well know and widely collected for her dynamic skylines, Victoria challenges her students to delve into the vast skies and embrace the contrast of weather, light and landscape. 

Water, water, everywhere...

Bringing to life one of the planets most fundamental life sources, this course embraces the various techniques and visions of creating surreal waterscapes in all mediums. 

Falling in love with colour

As a Colour and Art Therapist, Victoria is passionate about the healing affects of using and understanding Colour. This course enables the student to use and embrace colour with confidence, in both artwork projects, interiors and in our everyday life. 

Modern Portraiture

Exploring the anatomy of the human face and depicting expression is the focus of this course which embraces the modern concepts of portrait painting in all mediums.

Mentoring Weekends

Do you need to find your creative spark? Why not spend a weekend with Victoria and see where your creative future may lead you? 

Religious Icon Painting

One of Victoria's passions is to embrace the power of replicating the typical religious icon. Studying ancient connections to spirituality and creating icons is a fabulous, and very different form of art that can be both rewarding and expansive.  

Waste not, Want not!

Sustainability is a vital part of community growth during our modern throw away world and this course teaches us just how creative we can actually be with our old items.

Please use our contact form for prices and availability.

Behold the Man - Oil on Canvas and Icon
Medieval Painted Chest by Victoria Heath
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